Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram – Maximize the impact

Unlocking the full potential of your Instagram Reels involves more than just showcasing your creativity – timing matters. While every brand dances to its unique beat, there are some universal best practices that can elevate your Reel game and reel in that engagement.

The Instagram algorithm dances to the rhythm of recency, so posting when your audience is in the groove is crucial. Essentially, the newer your Reel, the higher it climbs on the newsfeed – a quick win for optimizing your content. And if you’re hungry for more tips on amassing those free Instagram likes, we’ve got you covered.

However, understanding the heartbeat of your Instagram strategy is just as important. Are you aiming for heightened awareness, increased engagement, or channelling traffic? Define your success metrics, drawing insights from past victories – they are the guiding stars illuminating your posting strategy.

Now, let’s uncover the golden hours for Reel success. To decode this We tested posting reels on the different times of the day and week and we came out with a average of views as per the time and days we share these timing with you down below,

Drumroll, please…

The universal sweet spot for posting Instagram Reels is the midweek hump at 11 AM on Wednesdays.

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Why? Instagrammers are most inclined to tap, comment, and engage during mid-week work hours – the perfect breather from the daily grind. It’s the optimal time to invite your audience to join the Reel party and make your content the midday delight they crave.

Week breakdown:


Start the week with a bang at 8 AM. Early birds catch the Reels.


Maintain the momentum at 7 AM. Grab attention before the day kicks into high gear.


The golden hour at 11 AM – the peak of midweek engagement.


Keep the energy up at 9 AM. You’re almost at the weekend finish line.


Celebrate the impending weekend at 8 AM. Instigate the Friday fun early.


Navigate the weekend lull with a strategic 11 AM post. Catch the brunch scrollers.


Cap off the week at 10 AM. Ease your audience into a Reel-worthy week ahead.

Remember, weekends are a tricky dance partner – engagement tends to wane as people venture into the real world, away from their screens

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Analyzing High-Impression Reels

Take a stroll down memory lane through your Instagram insights and analytics to identify the showstoppers – the high-impression Reels that stole the spotlight. Examine the timestamps of these top-performing posts. Do they share common ground with the well-liked ones, or is there a distinct flavor to each, revealing the nuances of your audience’s preferences?

Navigating Instagram Insights

Your backstage pass to Reel success lies in Instagram insights and analytics. But not all analytics tools are created equal. Discover how some social media management tools can simplify the data crunching, offering you a clearer view of your Reel’s resonance and saving you from drowning in a sea of metrics.

the Numbers Narrative

Numbers tell a story, and in the realm of Instagram Reels, it’s essential to look beyond the likes. Dive into the impressions, shares, and comments – the supporting cast in this Reel drama. Analyze the patterns, decode the timestamps, and let the data choreograph your posting strategy for optimal engagement.

the Best Times to Drop Reels

Drawing inspiration from your top-performing Reels, embark on a journey to decipher the patterns and unveil the best times to drop your Instagram masterpieces. Whether it’s midweek midday marvels or early morning inspirations, let the analytics be your dance partner in this social media symphony, hitting the right beats for maximum audience engagement.

We described you a narrative for the best time to post reels on instagram but don’t just rely on just the timing a good content always get attention due to the nature of its content not by popularity of the content creator, keep following a niche and keep posting regularly to become a common partner in  the algorithm of content creation.

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