71 YouTube Video Ideas to get subscribers in 2023

YouTube Video Ideas

In the ever-evolving world of YouTube, staying relevant and fresh is vital. But often, the most significant challenge is knowing where to start. If you find yourself wondering, “What should I do on YouTube?“, you’re in the right place. From trending youtube video ideas to beginner-friendly inspirations, this guide has got it all.

71 YouTube Video Ideas to Increase Subscribers

Creating content that resonates with viewers is essential. Here’s a diverse list of youtube video ideas to get subscribers and keep them engaged.

1. Tutorials and How-to Guides

Explanation: Tutorials are evergreen. Whether it’s makeup, tech, or DIY, providing step-by-step guidance on various topics positions you as an expert and helps attract a niche audience.

2. Day in the Life Vlogs

Explanation: Personalized content lets viewers into your world, making them feel more connected to you. This format is excellent for creators wanting to share their daily routine or experiences.

3. Reaction Videos

Explanation: By reacting to trending songs, movies, or viral content, you can leverage popular culture and its vast audience base for your channel.

4. Challenge Videos

Explanation: From the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to “TikTok Challenges”, participating in or creating a unique challenge can get viral traction.

5. Interviews

Explanation: Bringing in an expert, influencer, or even someone with a unique story can add value and diversity to your content.

6. Product Reviews and Unboxings

Explanation: Before purchasing, many people turn to YouTube reviews. By giving genuine feedback, you position yourself as a trustworthy advisor on purchases.

7. Travel Vlogs

Explanation: Even if you’re exploring local spots, sharing your adventures visually can be a treat for viewers.

8. Q&A Sessions

Explanation: Engaging with your audience by answering their questions can build community and trust.

9. Storytimes

Explanation: Sharing personal stories, experiences, and anecdotes can resonate with viewers, creating a deeper emotional connection.

10. Top 10 Lists

Explanation: Whether it’s movies, books, or gadgets, “Top 10” videos offer viewers concise and engaging information.

11. Room or Office Tours

Explanation: Giving a tour of your workspace or home can give viewers insight into your life and interests.

12. Collaborations

Explanation: Partner with other creators to tap into their subscriber base and bring fresh content to your audience.

13. Live Streams

Explanation: Go live to engage with your audience in real-time, fostering a stronger bond.

14. Behind-the-Scenes

Explanation: Share the making of a video, an event, or any project to give viewers an insider’s look.

15. Cooking and Recipe Videos

Explanation: Food is universal. Sharing unique recipes or cooking tips can garner a broad audience.

16. Workout and Fitness Tips

Explanation: As health consciousness rises, fitness routines, tips, or transformation videos can attract a dedicated following.

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17. Fashion Lookbooks

Explanation: Showcase outfits, seasonal looks, or even thrifted finds for fashion enthusiasts.

18. Hauls

Explanation: Share recent purchases, whether they’re from fashion, tech, or any other domain.

19. DIY and Crafts

Explanation: Unique DIY projects or crafting sessions can be both informative and entertaining.

20. Comedy Skits

Explanation: Humor is a universal language. Create skits or parodies for some light-hearted entertainment.

21. Music Covers

Explanation: Showcasing your musical talent through covers can tap into the fans of the original artists.

22. Gaming Streams and Walkthroughs

Explanation: With the gaming community growing exponentially, sharing gameplays or reviews can attract a vast audience.

23. Book Reviews

Explanation: Share insights, summaries, or reviews of books to attract the reader community on YouTube.

24. Podcasts and Talk Shows

Explanation: Dive deep into topics, interview guests, or discuss current events.

25. Animation and Short Films

Explanation: Showcase your storytelling skills through animations or create short films on engaging topics.

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26. Makeup and Beauty Tutorials

Explanation: From daily looks to extravagant makeup art, this niche has a vast and engaged audience.

27. Tech and Gadget Reviews

Explanation: Guide viewers on tech purchases, share news, or even debug common tech issues.

28. Art and Drawing Sessions

Explanation: Share your art process, techniques, or even art challenges.

29. Educational Content

Explanation: Dive deep into academic topics or explain complex concepts in simple terms.

30. Time-lapse Videos

Explanation: Be it nature, cityscapes, or an art project, time-lapse videos are visually stunning and captivating.

31. Pet and Animal Videos

Explanation: Share cute, funny, or informative content about pets and animals.

32. Comparison Videos

Explanation: Compare products, movies, books, or any topic of interest, helping viewers make decisions.

33. Opinion and Discussion Videos

Explanation: Discuss current events, trends, or hot topics, fostering community engagement.

34. Recreations and Dupes

Explanation: Recreate popular movie scenes, music videos, or find duplicates for high-end products.

35. Personal Projects and Goals

Explanation: Share personal projects or goals, creating a series where subscribers can follow your journey.

36. Trend Analysis

Explanation: Delve into trending topics, predicting or analyzing their rise and impact.

37. History and Facts

Explanation: Share intriguing historical events or fun facts, educating while entertaining.

38. Mystery and True Crime Recounts

Explanation: Delve into intriguing unsolved mysteries or true crime stories that captivate audiences with suspense and real-life drama.

39. Kids Content and Nursery Rhymes

Explanation: Cater to the young audience with educational content, fun songs, or animated stories.

40. Life Hacks and Tips

Explanation: Share innovative solutions to everyday problems or unique ways to use common items.

41. Sustainable Living and Eco-Friendly Tips

Explanation: In a world increasingly conscious of the environment, share tips on sustainable living, eco-friendly products, and green DIYs.

42. Cultural Exchanges and Traditions

Explanation: Share your culture’s unique traditions, foods, and celebrations, or explore others and share your experiences.

43. Paranormal Experiences

Explanation: Dive into the mysterious world of the unexplained, sharing personal experiences or popular ghost stories.

44. Celebrity News and Gossip

Explanation: Discuss the latest happenings in the celebrity world, from new relationships to controversies.

45. Local Legends and Folktales

Explanation: Share tales, myths, and legends unique to your region or country.

46. Roleplay and ASMR

Explanation: Cater to the ASMR community with relaxing soundscapes, whispered stories, or roleplay scenarios.

47. Zero to Hero Stories

Explanation: Document personal journeys, be it in fitness, education, or any other domain, showing transformation and progress.

48. Real Estate and House Tours

Explanation: Dive into the world of luxury homes, tiny houses, or unique properties, giving viewers a glimpse of various lifestyles.

49. Thrifting and Upcycling

Explanation: Share thrifting adventures or demonstrate how to transform old items into trendy pieces.

50. Digital and Social Media Tips

Explanation: Offer insights on growing other social media platforms, effective strategies, or content creation tools.

51. Car Reviews and Automotive Tips

Explanation: Review new car models, share maintenance tips, or explore automotive events.

52. Personal Challenges

Explanation: Set personal challenges (e.g., “No Sugar for 30 Days”) and document the journey, struggles, and outcomes.

53. Blind Taste Tests

Explanation: Sample different brands or flavors of a product and guess or rate them without knowing which is which.

54. DIY Beauty and Self-Care

Explanation: Create DIY masks, scrubs, or share self-care routines and tips.

55. Budgeting and Financial Tips

Explanation: Provide insights on saving, investing, or budgeting, helping viewers manage their finances better.

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56. Travel Hack Videos

Explanation: Share unique travel hacks, budget tips, and lesser-known destinations to help viewers plan their adventures efficiently.

57. Language Learning Tips

Explanation: Offer tips on learning new languages, including common phrases in different languages, or cultural nuances in communication.

58. Photography and Videography Tutorials

Explanation: Share techniques on photography and videography, including editing tips and equipment reviews for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts.

59. Science Experiments and Fun Facts

Explanation: Engage viewers with cool science experiments they can do at home or share intriguing science facts and discoveries.

60. Mindfulness and Meditation

Explanation: Guide your audience through mindfulness practices, meditation sessions, or share tips on achieving mental peace and balance.

61. Study Tips and Educational Strategies

Explanation: Offer study hacks, educational resources, and advice for students on various topics ranging from exam preparation to effective note-taking.

62. Music Instrument Lessons

Explanation: Teach viewers how to play different musical instruments, or share tips on music theory and composition.

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63. Parenting Advice and Activities

Explanation: Share parenting tips, children’s activities, or discuss various aspects of parenting and family life.

64. Career and Professional Development

Explanation: Offer advice on career growth, interview tips, resume building, and navigating professional challenges.

65. Historical Documentaries

Explanation: Create mini-documentaries on historical events, figures, or eras, offering educational and engaging content.

66. Home Improvement and Renovation Tips

Explanation: Share DIY home improvement projects, renovation ideas, or tips on home decoration and organization.

67. Astrology and Zodiac Content

Explanation: Delve into astrology, zodiac signs, and horoscopes, offering entertaining insights or daily predictions.

68. Food Challenges

Explanation: Engage in or create unique food challenges, like trying out bizarre food combinations or cuisine from different countries.

69. Magic Tricks and Illusions

Explanation: Fascinate viewers by demonstrating magic tricks, illusions, or even teaching the basics of performing simple magic.

70. Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Tips

Explanation: Share basic car or bike maintenance tips, how-to guides on simple repairs, or advice on vehicle care.

71. Urban Exploration and Haunted Locations

Explanation: Explore abandoned places, urban legends, or reputedly haunted locations, sharing the thrill and stories associated with them.

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Short Video Ideas

  • Quick hacks: Share everyday life tips in under 60 seconds.
  • Micro-tutorials: Teach a skill in brief, easy-to-digest videos.
  • Short stories: Create captivating mini-tales or daily anecdotes.
  • Product reviews: Highlight the pros and cons of a popular product.
  • Quick Q&A: Answer the most frequently asked questions in your niche.

YouTube Vlog Ideas

  • Day in the life: Showcase a typical day in your life or someone else’s.
  • Travel vlogs: Document trips, even if they’re local adventures.
  • Cook with me: Share recipes, cooking tips, and kitchen adventures.
  • Hobby insights: Dive deep into a hobby or interest, be it painting, photography, or gaming.
  • Monthly reviews: Recap highlights from your month, sharing goals and achievements.
  • Reaction videos: Share genuine reactions to music, movies, or viral clips.
  • Challenge videos: Engage in popular challenges or create your own.
  • Collaborations: Partner with other YouTubers to expand your reach.
  • Listicles: “Top 10” or “5 Best” videos on various topics.
  • Hot topic discussions: Speak on the latest news or viral events.

YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

  • Introduction video: Present yourself and what your channel offers.
  • Favorites video: Share your favorite products, books, movies, etc.
  • Interviews: Chat with friends, family, or experts in a field.
  • How-to guides: Teach a basic skill you’re knowledgeable about.
  • Personal stories: Dive into anecdotes, lessons learned, or transformative experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What content works best on YouTube?

Informative and entertaining content that connects with viewers emotionally tends to work best. Tutorials, reaction videos, vlogs, and challenge videos are among the popular youtube video ideas that garner attention.

How much does YouTube pay for $1 million views?

Payments can vary based on factors like the viewer’s location and the video’s ad rates. On average, YouTubers earn between $1,000 to $3,000 for 1 million views.

How many views is viral on YouTube?

While there’s no fixed number, videos surpassing a million views within a short period, typically a week or less, are often considered viral.

To make your video popular, focus on a catchy title, engaging thumbnail, quality content, and promote it across various social media platforms. Engaging with viewers through comments also helps.

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